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Long ago we realized that some insurance agents push products and use high-pressured sales strategies.

That is simply not our style.  We see ourselves as teachers or even as trusted advisors who take on the responsibility to inform our clients about the various insurance options available in order to help them make the very best decision they can based on the individual’s personal situation.

We like to say that “Everybody needs some insurance and nobody needs all insurance!”  With that in mind, if we can help answer questions you may have or save you money with some of the other services we provide, please let us know.



Life & Final Expense

Under 65 Health


Long Term Care

Why use an Independent Insurance Broker?

Some of the Leading Insurance Carriers

One of the many benefits of working with Independent Insurance Brokers is that we are contracted with all of the top of the line insurance carriers in order to help you select the best plans, in top rated carriers, for the best price!

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