We provide practical training and continuous coaching in order to help you achieve your business goals!

Would you like all of the benefits of being a fully independent agent, while enjoying the value of being part of a team?


To cultivate a group of Independent Agents that come together as a “team” in order to collaborate, share, and contribute for the benefit of each other and the team.  Our vision holds that this collaboration will result in a cohesive group fostered by mutual respect, trust and a sincere desire to share ideas and information with each other.

The goal is for all of the members of the BIG Team to SUCCEED in their businesses at a higher level and will do so within an enjoyable and meaningful framework.

The BIG Core Values

While maintaining our fiduciary independence, our inter-dependence enables us to reap the rewards and benefits that come from sharing our individual strengths within the framework of a group of talented and successful agents.

Both individually and as a group, members of The BIG Team strive to provide education, guidance, and superior service to our clients and to each other!